​As a foster all you have to do is open your home to the dog(s).  Awesome Paws Rescue will provide all of the necessities while you are fostering; food, toys, crates, treats, etc, you provide the love!  Plus, fostering is tax deductible.

Fostering is a critical part of the animal rescue community.   Without foster homes many animals will never get a chance to find their forever home. Opening your home to an animal in need not only improves their life, but the life of you and your family.​


Attention: with the uncertainty of the situation around us concerning COVID-19, there will be increased processing times due to the safety of our volunteers. Thank you


Our journey of becoming a foster began with adopting a rescue. Watching him flourish into a completely different dog inspired us to save more lives. Its very rewarding to foster a helpless soul and witness the rebirth of what a dog's life is supposed to be! A picture is worth a thousand words!


FOSTERING.......being an "until" mom....I'll hold you until you're not afraid to be touched, I'll pet you until you're no longer afraid of hands, I'll feed you until you know you can count on your next meal, I'll be your mom until I trust someone else to love you, I'll love you until ...always.


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We are a family of animal lovers. I had been talking about fostering for years and when we thought it was the right time, we sat down and talked as a family and decided we all wanted to help save dogs lives. My children are 7 and 5 so they are pretty capable of understanding, for the most part, what this life is going to be. The first two fosters were a little emotional for them but they bounced back quite well. Especially considering we usually take another foster in within a week or two's time. In all honesty I think it's helped my family bond more, because we all have the same goal. It gives my children a taste of real responsibility and they really enjoy it! They understand that it's sad when the dog has to leave but they understand that we are helping them. If it weren't for us, a lot of these dogs wouldn't have a life at all, and they seem to really get that. Every family dynamic is different, but I truly believe that every family is capable of doing this! And its a great way to teach them how to help out in their community! They are learning a lot of lessons, and its given my otherwise self conscious son a great boost of confidence! And the kids enjoy it that they can have all different breeds of dogs and learn different things about each one".


We have been fostering for a number of years now with different organizations. While the people may change, the dogs are always the same: amazing. The feeling you get when you see your little guy or girl running to meet their new family brings a tear to my eye every. single. time. When I get home after a long day and am greeted by a multitude of happy kisses, it makes everything okay. Awesome Paws has thought of everything, and you do not need to be a "dog expert" or have the knowledge of a veterinarian to provide a safe, warm, loving environment for a dog that might otherwise be put down for lack of shelter space. We are never pressured to take a dog if we aren't able, and we can take as many or as few as we are capable of handling. If there are trips that pop up, we've always had support in finding a sitter for the fosters. Whenever someone says, "I could never let them go, I don't know how you do it..." I simply respond, "Because they always end up in the perfect home and it is easy to say goodbye when you see how happy they'll be!"


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