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We brought our boy home today and we literally could not have had a better experience. Everyone we talked to was incredibly helpful and made sure we knew everything we needed to and found a friend who fit into our family perfectly. They could not have made the transition any smoother or more comfortable for the pup or for us! We cannot thank them enough for what they are doing!!


An amazing rescue, anyone who is interested in adopting/rescuing any sort of dog or puppy should go through this group.


1 week ago the sweetest, gentlest, and most intelligent little pup entered mine and Ryan's lives. Cooper (previously known as Bryann...yes, we snatched his brothers name hehe) is such an amazing soul. We are overwhelmed with joy and so grateful he has become a part of our family..we love him so very much. Thank you Awesome Paws...the loyalty, dedication and passion your rescue encompasses radiates beyond belief. It was a pleasure working with your rescue and I will continue to spread great things!!


This rescue agency has been AMAZING! From start to finish, I cannot say enough positive comments about the people, the pets and the entire process! Thank you Awesome Paws! We love our new dog, Poppy (aka: Zoey)! She is just the sweetest dog ever and we love her! I would highly recommend this rescue to anyone!


From start to finish Awesome Paws was fantastic to work with while adopting our newest family member!!! They really care about their dogs and are so thorough with the adoption process!!! Danielle and Leigh are amazing ladies and all the rest of the volunteers we met along the way!! You should all be very proud of what you do to help these fur babies find forever homes!! Thanks again!!


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